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We are UK24x7News.com, Fastest growing “News Network” in India. With a total daily readership of 5 Lakh readers which covers Uttarakhand.



About us: Uk24x7 News.com is a leading company in Hindi online space. Launched in 2021, Uk24x7News.com is the fastest growing Hindi news website in India, and focuses on delivering around the clock Local, national and international news and analysis, business, sports, technology entertainment, lifestyle and astrology. As per Google Analytics, Uk24x7News.com gets 20K Unique Visitors every month.

First of its kind in Hindi Digital market, Uk24x7 News.com has an exciting fully responsive design, which is very clean, light and fast to use.

Uk24x7 News.com also launched in july, 2021, India’s first interactive browser-based TV called Uk24x7 News Channel.